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Successfully produce digital and hybrid meetings, events and trade shows with VISIOVENT – for long-term learning success with your customers

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No matter what kind of event you are planning: VISIOVENT will be perfectly adapted to your individual needs and wishes. Detailed, customized 3D worlds as the basis of the graphic design make your digital event platform unique.

100 % customer centric

Only you decide which features are built into your virtual event platform and how it is visually designed!

100 % customizable

Unlimited number of attendees, unlimited number of rooms, unlimited duration of use – VISIOVENT sets no limit! Only you decide what you need!

100 % secure

Two-factor authorization by e-mail, hosting by your preferred hosting provider and much more: Your data is safe on our virtual event platform!

100 % engaging

Live Streams, 1:1 live Video Chats, live Unterstützung bei Fragen oder technischen Problemen, live ULive streaming, 1:1 live video chats, live help desk, live entertaining break program …: We can integrate every tool that engages your attendees during your virtual event!

100 % transparent

Our virtual event platform provides you detailed visitor management as well as fact-based evaluation of the usability and user experience – of course in compliance with all data protection guidelines.



“We have taken the tuning of visitor experiences on corporate sites to the extreme in recent years. Visiovent now adds a whole new dimension. So straightforward with the team and in implementation, it is now possible for companies to experience their brand in the virtual world in a way that makes customer engagement fun in every interaction. And really. We look forward to every further development and continued collaboration.”

Rodion Amin, Managing Director, 3Pii UG

Together with the award-winning US event agency “Proscenium”, we hosted eight online events for Qualcomm, one of the world’s leading semiconductor manufacturers, and enabled immersive digital experiences for over 15,000 participants – including at virtual trade shows, roadshows and several congresses.

„The summit itself is being hosted on an innovative virtual platform, in a virtual conference hall with virtual conference rooms. I’ve participated in a host of remote events this year in our new COVID-19 work-from-home reality, and Qualcomm has set the bar for engaging, immersive and innovative meeting experiences as well.”

Forbes Magazine writing about „Qualcomm Snapdragon Tech Summit 2020“

„Partnering with the FELDMANN team on VISIOVENT has been a pleasure. Their quality of work is impeccable, and their level of creativity heightens each year. It appears no challenge is above them as they continue to push the limits of technology in real-life applications.“

Frank A. Cavaluzzi, Director of Marketing & Technology, Genesis Exhibits / Apprupo

“With FELDMANN media group AG we had an extremely competent partner at our side. From communication to planning to implementation of our four-week digital trade fair, the process was smooth and very professional. Our students, companies and also we as organizers were thrilled. THANK YOU!”

Laura Kristin Müller, Head of Counseling, Ansbach University of Applied Sciences

“Due to hygiene requirements, it became necessary to hold the event hybrid at the Science Day 2021 at the Ansbach University of Applied Sciences. We were glad to have as a partner on board, who supported us in an unexcited, competent and conscientious manner with a sophisticated virtual conference environment.”

Pierre Leich, Project Office Science Day at Kulturidee GmbH

„I still get a lot of praise for the great 3D platform. It was really really cool and made our NIM Market Decisions Day very special.”

Sandra Lades, Head of Communication & Events, Nuremberg Institute for Market Decisions e.V.

„You are phenomenal human beings for taking on this task. Thank you. So extremly grateful and wow. It‘s beautiful.“ 

Nina Alli, Executive Director, Biohacking Village

Integrate VISIOVENT in your Marketing Mix and along your entire Customer Journey!

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What inspires our customers

Digital experiences without Limitations

Unlimited attendees, unlimited number of meeting rooms, unlimited duration of use – keep the platform open for an hour or a year. You alone decide!


Determine the layout and navigation of the halls and rooms as well as the appearance of the event environment from inside and outside – there are no creative or layout restrictions!

International and multilingual

Host an international event in Europe, the USA or China and take advantage of the platform’s multilingual execution capabilities.

Privacy compliant monitoring tools

Take advantage of detailed analytics. Get precise data about the behavior and navigation of your visitors and specific target groups.




Watch our VISIOVENT image film here and convince yourself of the limitless possibilities of the digital world.

Let’s create real experiences for real people!

Your attendees will experience an interactive and immersive branded event that keeps their attention!

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Three licence models for maximum freedom of choice

Everything is possible

Unlimited number of participants? Customization of the platform according to CI specifications? Hosting recurring, multi-day virtual trade shows and events? Build your own show. Choose from our three license models “Basic”, “Premium” and “Enterprise” exactly the version that is most suitable for your digital event. Our creative and event consultants will help you produce your design and show. Built by event professionals, not software engineers!

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from 5.000,00 € / event


from 15.000,00 € / month


Let’s customize – contact us now!

RENT in a prefabricated VISIOVENT platform – only graphic customization: placement of your logo

ADAPTATION of the VISIOVENT platform according to your CI specifications (logo, font, CI colors)

CREATION of an individual, virtual 3D environment according to your exact show needs and CI specifications

Unlimited number of participants

Unlimited number of participants

Unlimited number of participants

Integration of own meeting tools

Integration of own meeting tools

Integration of own meeting tools

Live stream & recording

Live stream & recording

Live stream & recording

Live chat (private & group)

Live chat (private & group)

Live chat (private & group)

Live support by our team in case of technical difficulties

Live support by our team in case of technical difficulties

Live support by our team in case of technical difficulties

Integration of on-demand content before the event (videos, docs)

Integration of on-demand content before, during and after the event (videos, docs)

Integration of on-demand content before, during and after the event (videos, docs)

Unlimited number of meeting sessions

Unlimited number of meeting sessions

Multiple events per month

Multiple events per year

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Can I see who comes to my virtual event?

For sure. The data you can gather on your guests and attendees – from those who register through to those who attend and every action and activity they perform whilst logged in – can give you extremely valuable information for analysis and future marketing purposes.

Does your platform do attendee registration?

By integrating event registration software, you can ensure a perfect registration experience and increase participation in repeat events. We would be happy to advise you on service providers of the most secure, user-friendly and feature-rich registration platforms.

What sort of business would host an event online?

Some of the biggest global corporations, through to universities and the public sector. They all share the same broad objective – to connect and communicate with their audiences (internal or external) in a meaningful and engaging way. A virtual event does this cost-efficiently, overcoming barriers like time, resource and location. For businesses hosting a virtual event, the biggest advantage is being able to reach an unlimited audience regardless of where they are in the world, with no need for expensive and environmentally unfriendly travel, a virtual event can boost your attendance rates dramatically.

Can you integrate the platform with zoom and the like?

Zoom is a leader in modern video communication in companies and offers a simple, reliable cloud platform for video and audio conferences, chats and webinars and is a common must-have for many of our customers for integration into the event platform. Depending on your wishes and needs, other comparable service providers are of course also possible.

Where is your platform hosted?

The platform can be managed by a preferred hosting provider, depending on customer requirements.

How long is the lead time for a project?

This depends on the scope of your project. At best, you already have concrete ideas for the implementation of your event. We would be happy to advise you on specific requests and to draw up a schedule together.

What does the entire process look like from start to finish?

After your inquiry we work out a concept based on your ideas and suggestions, after their approval we create the 3D environment and deposit all desired functionalities including the adjustments of the desired interfaces (video/live transmissions, chat function, login database, etc.) We would recommend that you build you project as if you are creating a live event, use the same workflow and consider the Virtual site your venue!

Do attendees need to download software to enter the virtual event?

No, all that is required is a compatible browser with the latest update (current version).

Can attendees access virtual events through a mobile device or tablet?

Depending on the individual design as well as the various interfaces, it would be possible to run on a mobile device or tablet.

What are the internet browser requirements?

The Event Platform is optimized for the current version of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Safari, Edge and Opera may be functional but are not recommended.


You are planning a digital or hybrid event?

Contact us early so we can create your exclusive virtual experience together!

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