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Your Needs

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Digital events involving China

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beautiful shanghai in sunset, one of the most attractive cities in China

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Real time production and digital support

VISIOVENT is anything but templated: Our platform is designed for global applications.


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VISIOVENT – 100% customizable

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No matter what kind of event you are planning: VISIOVENT will be perfectly adapted to your individual needs and wishes. Detailed, customized 3D worlds as the basis of the graphic design make your digital event platform unique.

100 % customer centric

Only you decide which features are built into your virtual event platform and how it is visually designed!

100 % customizable

Unlimited number of attendees, unlimited number of rooms, unlimited duration of use – VISIOVENT sets no limit! Only you decide what you need!

100 % secure

Two-factor authorization by e-mail, hosting by your preferred hosting provider and much more: Your data is safe on our virtual event platform!

100 % engaging

Live streaming, 1:1 live video chats, live help desk, live entertaining break program …: We can integrate every tool that engages your attendees during your virtual event!

100 % transparent

Our virtual event platform provides you detailed visitor management as well as fact-based evaluation of the usability and user experience – of course in compliance with all data protection guidelines.

The VISIOVENT success story

We, the FELDMANN media group AG and Greenvale Creative, not only look back on more than 30 years of experience in the digital and multimedia industry – we have significantly influenced it. More than 90 major national and international awards speak for our expertise and innovative spirit.

In March 2020 Covid-19 arrived: We used our experience as digital pioneers and create something new and contemporary.

Less than three months later, we created VISIOVENT, our digital experience platform. A few weeks later, it was already being used for major international events.

Conclusion of contract and first virtual project between Proscenium and FELDMANN media group

May 2020

First event hosted within our newly developed Digital Experience Platform VISIOVENT

August 2020

“Engaging, immersive and innovative” – that’s how Forbes describes our platform

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December 2020

The secret behind VISIOVENT

If you are wondering how we were able to develop VISIOVENT in such a short time, take a look at our success story!

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We make your digital event possible!

Tell us your needs, which software licenses and programs you already have and which you want to include. We are happy to consult and explore options!

We are your event and digital experts.

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Global Hosting

Help desk

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Networking lounge


Microsoft Teams

100% custom solutions




Device independence

Meeting rooms




Real-time monitoring

Exhibition stand



Social wall




Attendee management



Registration management






Navigation support








Real time production


Digital support



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Frequently asked questions

Can I see who comes to my virtual event?

For sure. The data you can gather on your guests and attendees – from those who register through to those who attend and every action and activity they perform whilst logged in – can give you extremely valuable information for analysis and future marketing purposes.

Does your platform do attendee registration?

By integrating event registration software, you can ensure a perfect registration experience and increase participation in repeat events. We would be happy to advise you on service providers of the most secure, user-friendly and feature-rich registration platforms.

What sort of business would host an event online?

Some of the biggest global corporations, through to universities and the public sector. They all share the same broad objective – to connect and communicate with their audiences (internal or external) in a meaningful and engaging way. A virtual event does this cost-efficiently, overcoming barriers like time, resource and location. For businesses hosting a virtual event, the biggest advantage is being able to reach an unlimited audience regardless of where they are in the world, with no need for expensive and environmentally unfriendly travel, a virtual event can boost your attendance rates dramatically.

Can you integrate the platform with zoom and the like?

Zoom is a leader in modern video communication in companies and offers a simple, reliable cloud platform for video and audio conferences, chats and webinars and is a common must-have for many of our customers for integration into the event platform. Depending on your wishes and needs, other comparable service providers are of course also possible. What information security features are built in to your platform? A so-called two-factor authentication (2FA) exists in numerous variants, some supplement the previously entered password with an additional factor, others completely replace the previous log-in with password by a direct combination of two factors. Hardware-based procedures in particular offer a high degree of security and should be used to supplement (or replace) a strong password.

Where is your platform hosted?

The platform can be managed by a preferred hosting provider, depending on customer requirements.

How long is the lead time for a project?

This depends on the scope of your project. At best, you already have concrete ideas for the implementation of your event. We would be happy to advise you on specific requests and to draw up a schedule together.

What does the entire process look like from start to finish?

After your inquiry we work out a concept based on your ideas and suggestions, after their approval we create the 3D environment and deposit all desired functionalities including the adjustments of the desired interfaces (video/live transmissions, chat function, login database, etc.) We would recommend that you build you project as if you are creating a live event, use the same workflow and consider the Virtual site your venue!

Do attendees need to download software to enter the virtual event?

No, all that is required is a compatible browser with the latest update (current version).

Can attendees access virtual events through a mobile device or tablet?

Depending on the individual design as well as the various interfaces, it would be possible to run on a mobile device or tablet.

What are the internet browser requirements?

The Event Platform is optimized for the current version of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Safari, Edge and Opera may be functional but are not recommended.


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